Academic year Dept Inventor Title of the project Application number Date of Filing Date of Publications
2021-2022 BME Dr.M.G.Sumithra Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Detection from Histopathological Images using Deep Learning 202141035243 05-08-2021 20-08-2021
CIVIL Dr.M.Veerapathran Eco- effi cient concretes with incorporation of biomass ash 202241000885 07-01-2022 04-02-2022
CSE Dr.N.Sankarram Fuzzy Logic-based Power Supply during Network Failure using Decision Making Technique 2021141037975 22-08-2021 27-08-2021
CSE Ms.A.S.Subaira A System for Providing IOT Based Security Module for Guest Security in IOT Network and Method Thereof 202141037545 18-08-2021 27-08-2021
CSE Ms. Sujithra L R Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic based Smart Detection of Chronic Lung Cancer 202141033357 25-07-2021 06-08-2021
CSE Dr V. Praveena
New Mathematical Approach for Instant OTP Generation using Chaos Theory for Secure Authentication 202111032734 21-07-2021 20-08-2021
CSE Ms.T.Primya
System for secure payment Transaction for E-Commerce 202141035681 06-08-2021 13-08-2021
CSE Dr.N.Sankarram Patient centric health care system using AI and block chain 202141042806 A 21-09-2021 01-10-2021
CSE & IT Ms.Saranya S
Mr.Vijayakumar T
IoT based Smart Digital Food Recommendation for Health Management System 202141033809 27-07-2021 06-08-2021
ECE Dr.B.Arunadevi
Optimization Based Diagnosis of Soft Tissues Tumors using Deep Learning 202111035021 03-08-2021 27-08-2021
ECE Dr.C.SenthilKumar Machine Learning Based Approach to Segment the Images Captured Using Various Modalities 202241001805 A 12-01-2021 21-01-2021
ECE Dr.K.Gayathri Devi
An IoT Based Self Phased Heating Blanket 202141056296 A 04-12-2021 10-12-2021
ECE Mr.U.VinothkumarDr.J.Chitra A smart IoT based air cooler system with touch screen display unit 202141057895A 13-12-2021 17-12-2021
ECE Dr.B.Arunadevi (COPYRIGHT)A System and Method for Low-Frequency Seismic Zone Using Machine Learning & Monte Carlo Method Diary Number: 13795/2021-CO/Lc:
Registration NumberL-107540/2021
23-06-2021 14/09/2021
ECE Dr.B.Arunadevi
Optimization Based Diagnosis of Soft Tissues Tumors Using Deep Learning 202111035021 03-08-2021 27-08-2021
ECE Dr.K.Sakthisudhan
Anti-Helmet Theft Protection and Implementation using Multi Bio Recognize System 202141043639 27-09-2021 05-11-2021
ECE Dr.B.Aruna Devi Cloud IoT Based Monitoring and Detection of Potholes in Roads and Dangerous Holes in Living Area 202111051858 12-11-2021 26-11-2021
ECE Dr.B.Aruna Devi Machine Learning Based Products classification And Prediction in Departmental stores 202111059216 19-12-2021 31-12-2021
ECE Dr.B.Aruna Devi Smart wearable Device to monitor the fetal Health during 3RDTrimester 202111061150 28-12-2021 07-01-2022
EEE Dr.V.Ranganayaki The System and Method of Smart Autonomous Electrical Vehicles with Hazards Safety Alarm and Sensors 202141031884 15-07-2021 23-07-2021
EEE Mr.E.Kannapiran IoT Based Automated Green Energy Management of Public Gardens 1189360 12-12-2021 04-01-2022
EEE Mr.E.Kannapiran Internet of Things Based Electrical Appliances Control and Security System 20214103188457300 09-12-2021 17-12-2021
EEE Mr.S.Gobhinath Deep Learning Approach for Real Time Monitoring of Wearable Medical Sensor System 202141056651A 07-12-2021 10-12-2021
EEE Dr.V.Ranganayaki A Device for Harvesting Power Using Atmospheric Pressure Variations and a Process Thereof 202141046364 A 12-10-2021 31-12-2021
EEE Dr.V.Ranganayaki The System and Method of Smart Autonomous Electrical Vehicles with Hazards Safety Alarm and Sensors 202141031884 A 15-07-2021 23-07-2021
EEE Dr.S. Jaganathan Quality and Engage The Fundamental Operations of Integrated Circuits Using Annotator Device 202141046213 A 11-10-2021 03-12-2021
EEE Dr.K. Ramash Kumar An Innovative Method for Introducing Multiple Data Relationships into the SVM Optimization Process 202141046043 A 08-10-2021 05-11-2021
EEE Dr.V.Ranganayaki The System and Method of Smart Autonomous Electrical Vehicles with Hazards Safety Alarm and Sensor Process . 202141031884A - 15/07/2021 (Granted)
IT Mr.D.Premkumar Adaptive Fusion Of Kinematics Information And Image Information Using Robot Tool 202241001884 12-01-2022 28-01-2022
IT V. Saveetha
P. Rajasekaran
Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network With Optimized Clustering And Compressive Sampling 2021103446 22-09-2021
IT Dr.M.Krishnamoorthi Smart Fabric Child Rescue System From Sexual Violence 202141029353 30-06-2021 09-07-2021
Human Robotic Interaction By Using Artificial ntelligence
Artificial Skin Based Health Monitoring And Explosives detection With Location Tracking For Defense Forces 202141034350 30-07-2021 13-08-2021
IT Ms.Mouthami
IOT Based Information system Status Using Machine Learning Algorithm for Healthcare 202141028923 28-06-2021 09-07-2021
IT Ms.R.P.Narmadha IOT Based smart Hand talk 202141054837 26-11-2021 10-12-2021
MBA Dr.P.Saradhamani A method and scheme for organize commercial Enterprises Deals 202141035697 07.08.2021 13.08.2021
Dr.R.Indumathy A novel technique for autonomous report generation for management of e-financial governance 202141039092 28.08.2021 03.09.2021
Dr.P.Saradhamani An Artificial Intelligence Enabled Cryptography based financial analysis tool 202111036657 13.08.2021 03.09.2021
Dr.A.V.R.Akshaya & Dr.R.Indumathy Impact of increasing e-Commerce in India during COVID-19 202141041446 14.09.2021 01.10.2021
Ms.M.Padmapriya Synthesis of E-Waste based on machine learning and artificial intelligence autonomous management system for smart environment 202141044783 02.10.2021 15.10.2021
Dr.M.Muralikrishnan & Mr.C.R.Vijay A multi-criteria optimization approach based on simulation dedicated to the design of supply chains 202241002892 18.01.2022 28.01.2022
Dr.R.Indumathy A system and method of AUTOCON-IOT online conformance testing for IOT applications 202241001785 12.01.2022 28.01.2022
2020-2021CSEMs.K.KarpagavadivuReal Time Monitoring and Tracking of Motor Vehicles Using IoT202011050686A21/11/202004/12/2020
ECEDr.R.RajkumarAcoustic Soft Noise Cancellation in Headphones using Sharc20204104329905/10/202009/10/2020
ITDr.D.Palani KumarSmart School bag for Assisting and Protecting the school students by tracking the Geographical location202010217808/09/202030/09/2020
BMEMr. John Amose
Dr. K. Muthulakshmi
Dr. K. Gayathri Devi
Dr. C. Senthilkumar
Digital Stethoscope and a Pulmonary Diagnostic System20204103850807/09/202018/09/2020
CSEDr.M.KrishnamoorthiSmart Walking Stick for Sightless People20204103205627/07/202007/08/2020
EEEDr.S.JaganathanA Smart Dustbin for Disabled People202141001895 A15/01/202122/01/2021
MBADr.R.IndumathyAn automated method for innovating business models through e-commerce for small and medium scale entities 20214102302424.05.202118.06.2021
2019-2020EEEDr.S.JaganathanIrrigation System and Method Therof202041017193A21/04/202005/06/2020
BME & EEEMs.R.Nithya
Development of Targeted Drug Delivery using Nano scale hybridBiomaterial and biomedical applications Tehreof202041004255A31/01/202007/02/2020
MECHDr. P. Gopi KrishnanSolar based Smart Irrigation System20204100365127/01/202007/02/2020
ECEDr.P.Siva Kumar
Dr.K.Sakthi Sudan
Resistive Spot Welding Machine (RSW) using E-Waste20194105275619/12/201903/01/2020
ITDr.J.ManikandanA Smart music player based upon the mood of a user using AI Techniques201941047364 A20/11/201906/12/2019
ECE & EEEDr.P.Siva Kumar
Dr.K.Sakthi Sudan
Dr.K.Ramash Kumar
Agriculture Monitoring System using Internet of Things201941047105 A19/11/201906/12/2019
ECEDr. K. Gayathri Devi
Ms.S.Nithya Devi
Navigation Assistance System for Visually Impaired Persons201941036668A12/09/201920/09/2019
BME & EEEDr.K.Porkumaran, Mr.Sundar R, Mr.Senthilnathan AElectronic Device Disabling System201941033107A16/08/201906/09/2019
EEEDr.S.JaganathanSolar Powered Watering System for Managing Plants in The BalconyGarden202041017853 A27/04/202029/05/2020
BME & EEEDr.K.Porkumaran,
Dr.C.Ram Kumar
An Apparatus and method of Rehabitalation for Gastroparesis201941033325 A16/08/201906/09/2019
EEEDr.D.SomasundaramVLSI based chromosome analysis and Karyotyping system20194103039827/07/201927/07/2019
2018-2019CSEDr.S.V.SudhaSensitive Information management systems and Method20194101947923/05/201930/09/2019
S & HDr.Senthil Kumar PString Hopper Making Machine201941015879 A22/04/201917/05/2019
BMEDr M A RajaIsolation And Characterization Of Fluorescent Chemical From Banana Ash201941012134 A28/03/201924/05/2019
ECEDr. Ellammal CSmart Water Quality Monitoring System20194100259722/01/201901/02/2019
BMEDr. S.PrabakarIntelligent portable wide field RoP screening system with telemedical applications201841001477 12/01/2019 25/01/2019
EEE & BMEDr. K. Porkumaran
Dr. S. Prabakar
Breast Cancer Identification System and a Method Thereof201841040469 A26/10/201802/11/2018
EEEDr. K. PorkumaranAn Intelligent Method to Improve the Write Performance of NAND Flash Memory Device201841038622 A11/10/201819/10/2018
EEE & BMEDr. K. Porkumaran
Dr. S. Prabakar
Intelligent Control System and Method for Drug Delivery Management201841032501A30/08/201807/09/2018
EEEDr.V.Ranganayaki Intelligent Smart interactive Fan201841028853A31/07/201810/08/2018
2017-2018IT & EEEDr.D.Palanikkumar
A Method and systems for a big data analytics enterprise framework201841016411 A01/05/201811/05/2018
IT & EEEDr. Palanikkumar
Dr. S.Jaganathan
A Systems And Methods For Instantiating And Operating A Virtual Appliance Monitor In A Cloud Network201841015067 A20/04/201827/04/2018
EEEDr.S.JaganathanMedium /Low voltage Transformer station in Substation area201841006180 A19/02/201823/02/2018
EEEDr.S.JaganathanA Method for the protection of double circuit &NBSP ,Electrical power lines protected by local and remote201841005777 A15/02/201823/02/2018
BMEDr. C. Ram KumarCongestion Avoidance Multipath Routing Wireless Sensor Network201841004261A05/02/201813/04/2018
ECEDr.B.Aruna DeviAutomatically deployable and retractable vehicle sheathe system201741041426 A20/11/201724/11/2017
EEEDr. M. Gopinath Washing Machine201841035618 A06/10/201720/10/2017