Placement Statistics | NGPiTECH

Counselling Code: 2736

Recruiters hired NGPiTECH Students
Rs.10 Lac
Highest salary package availed
132+ Companies offering CTC 3 Lacs p.a or above
20+ Recruiters of IITs/ IIMs/NITs also hire from NGPiTECH
Rs.36.5k Highest Internship Stipend per month
Local solutions, global impact

Internships and On-Job Trainings

NGPiTECH students are provided ample opportunities for full time internships and on-the-Job training in reputed companies like Amazon, Capgemini, Bosch, Cognizant , Hexaware, TCS, Byju’s, Wipro etc. We have pioneered a student engagement model, where students go for an internship with the option of a Pre-Placement offer for a period of 6 months to a year.

The students simultaneously complete their Academic program as well as the internship and are on board as full-time employees based on their internship performance.

Placement Records