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Our Management

Dr. Nalla G. Palaniswami - Chairman

Education is the basic foundation of a good society. The onus of imparting quality education through intuitions bestowed with research potential, lies on educators who take their responsibilities seriously. For the Dr.N.G.P. Research and Educational Trust, the starting of an Engineering Institution is definitely a commendable issue. Having several educational institutions under its banner, the establishment of Dr. N.G.P Institute of Technology, was with the determination of providing technical education, with a host of facilities on par with any of the best institutions in India.

Dr. Thavamani D. Palaniswami - Secretary

India is a unique nation that can boast of having one of the largest youth population in the world. A nation's wealth and strength are its youth and on those terms India is rich and strong. How the strength and skills of the youth are channelized is of great importance. The youngsters of today are at an advantage because they live in an era of great development especially in the areas of science and technology.

Dr. S.U.Prabha M.E., Ph.D - Principal

Dr.NGPiTECH established in the year 2007 shapes the technical professionals and prepares them to face the ever changing social, economical and technical landscape globally.

At Dr.NGPiTECH, we provide quality Undergraduate education and Research opportunities in new frontiers of Engineering and Technology with focus towards Leadership & Innovation.