Prioritized Research Areas and Experts

There are 46 Ph.D. Degree holders in the institute who work on different areas of Engineering, Technology and Management Studies.

Name Department Prioritized Research Areas
Dr. M.G. Sumithra Biomedical Engineering Speech signal and Bio-signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Wireless Communications, Biomedical Instrumentation, AI for Health Care Applications
Dr. C. Ram Kumar Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Instrumentation, Wearable Devices, Image Processing
Dr. B. Vidhya Biomedical Engineering Networks, Image and Bio-signal Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation
Dr. G. Dhivyasri Biomedical Engineering Soft Computing Techniques, Parameters Optimization
Dr. N. Rajasingam Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation and Control System, Medical Electronics, Soft Computing Techniques
Dr.P.Muthupriya Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
Dr.M.Veerapathran Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
Dr.M.Senthilrajan Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering
Dr.D.Palanikkumar Computer Science Engineering Cloud Computing
Dr.N.Sankarram Computer Science Engineering Software architecture networks and Security
Dr.J.Shanthini Computer Science Engineering Data Analytics, Parallel Computing
Dr.V.Praveena Computer Science Engineering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Dr.V.Priya Computer Science Engineering Machine Learning, Text Mining, Data Mining
Dr.V.Sujitha Computer Science Engineering Data Mining, Medical data Analysis
Dr.P.Sampath Electronics and Communication Engineering Wireless Circuit & System Design
Dr.K.Gayathri Devi Electronics and Communication Engineering Medical Image
Processing, Artificial Intelligence
Dr.P.Sivakumar Electronics and Communication Engineering Wireless Communication, Image Processing, BroadBand over Powerlines
Dr.K.Muthulakshmi Electronics and Communication Engineering Mobile Adhoc Networks
Dr.B.Aruna Devi Electronics and Communication Engineering Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
Dr.K.Sakthisudhan Electronics and Communication Engineering Antenna Design, Machine Learning and AI
Dr.J.Chitra Electronics and Communication Engineering Power Systems & Soft Computing Techniques
Dr.C.Senthilkumar Electronics and Communication Engineering Medical Image Processing
Dr.K.P.Sai Pradeep Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design
Dr.V.Govindaraj Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design
Dr.D.Preethi Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design
Dr.S.U.Prabha Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Systems, Optimization Techniques, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines
Dr. C. Vivekanandan Electrical and Electronics Engineering Control System Engineering & Algorithm Development
Dr. S. Jaganathan Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Systems Optimizations, Soft Computing, Embedded Systems, Electric Drives and Control
Dr. K. Ramash Kumar Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics, Control Systems and Power Systems
Dr. V. Ranganayaki Electrical and Electronics Engineering Embedded Systems, Control Systems, Renewable Energy System, Soft Computing Techniques
Dr. A. Senthilnathan Electrical and Electronics Engineering Special Electrical Machines, Power Electronics
Dr.M.Krishnamoorthi Information Technology Artificial Intelligence
Dr. V.Saveetha Information Technology Data Mining, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. D.Pavithra Information Technology Artificial Intelligence
Dr. S.Nandhakumar Mechanical Engineering Robotics, Manufacturing, Applied Mathematics
Dr. K.Kalaiselvan Mechanical Engineering Welding, Composite Materials
Dr. R.Thirumalai Mechanical Engineering Optimization, Machining, Materials Science
Dr.P.Sivaprakash Mechanical Engineering Industrial Safety
Dr.V.Sivaraman Mechanical Engineering Nano Coatings, Surface Engineering
Dr.P.Gopi Krishnan Mechanical Engineering Welding of Composite Materials
Dr. M.Nallusamy Mechanical Engineering Composite Materials, Manufacturing, Machining
Dr.B.Shreeram Mechanical Engineering Materials and Thermal
Dr.D.Vasanthkumar Mechanical Engineering Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management
Dr.R.Jeevitha Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Neutrosophic Nano Topology
Dr. R. Sudha Science and Humanities (Mathematics) General topological spaces
Dr.R.Kulandaivelu Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topology
Dr.M.Prakash Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Hybrid Nanofluids, MHD, Cavity Flows & Heat Transfer
Dr.R.Udayakumar Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Inventory Management
Dr.B.Radha Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Nonlinear Partial differential equation
Dr. L. Susana Ramya Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Stability and Stabilization of dynamical systems
Dr.R.Jayasudha Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Intuitionistic Fuzzy Algebra
Dr.Kavitha Prabhakaran Science and Humanities
Indian English Literature
Dr.J.Sasirekha Science and Humanities
Afro-American Literature
Dr.S.Bhuvana Science and Humanities
Magnetic Nanomaterials
Dr.G.Thilakavathi Science and Humanities
Crystal growth, nonlinear optical materials
Dr.A.Venkatraj Science and Humanities
Functional materials - Nano
Dr.P.Sakthivel Science and Humanities (Chemistry) Nanocomposites
Dr.B.Loganathan Science and Humanities (Chemistry) Materials Chemistry & Nanocomposites
Dr.K.S.Thangamani Science and Humanities (Chemistry) Environmental Chemistry
Dr.P.Satheesh Kumar Science and Humanities (Chemistry) Physical Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
Dr.P.Saradhamani Management Studies Mutual Funds, Insurance, Banking, Stock Market, Investors’ Behavior, Risk Tolerance Level, Portfolio Management, NBFC’s Performance, Financial Performance of Companies, Working Capital Management, Entrepreneurship Development
Dr.T.Satheesh Kumar Management Studies Inventory management, Agile Systems, Big Data Analytics
Dr.A.V.R.Akshaya Management Studies Stress Management, Work Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Change & Development, Work Ethics, Strategic Human Resource Management, Personality Building
Dr.R.Indumathy Management Studies Competency Analysis, Quality of Work Life, Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Work Life Balance, Leadership, Stress Management
Dr.M.Murali Krishnan Management Studies Psychological Behaviour of Employees, Employee Satisfaction, Inventory Management, Modern Marketing Management – Remarketing and Overmarketing
Dr.A.Saravanakumar Management Studies Stress Management, Performance Appraisal, Work LifeBalance, Job Satisfaction, Emotional Intelligence