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Centre for Faculty development


Faculty development as the theory/practice of facilitating improved faculty performance in a variety of domains including institutional, intellectual, personal, social, and pedagogical. Faculty development and training is a continuous and systematic process. The process of training should necessarily be directed to give every faculty a sense of professionalism, excellence, motivation.

Development needs of faculty in the recent engineering and technological areas should therefore be amongst an organization's major and long-term goals. These developmental goals can be achieved by:

  • providing faculty with training opportunities to achieve maximum effectiveness
  • improving performance of their present duties
  • Ensuring that the best use is made of the natural abilities and individual skills of all employees for the benefit of the organization and their career.


Faculty development in general refers to those programs which focus on the individual member. These programs offer assistance in career planning, professional development in scholarly skills such as grant writing, publishing, committee work, administrative work, supervisory skills, and wide range of other activities expected of faculty. This includes wellness management, interpersonal skills, and a host of other programs address the individual's well-being.

Also, the development of skills for successful research careers getting funded, conducting innovative research, getting published and giving scientific presentations are all crucial to building a successful career in academic.

The specific objectives are :

  • Better understand the concepts of skills-based education
  • To understand and to introduce concepts of learning into teaching
  • Develop interpersonal and group communication skills
  • Acquire the skills for using a range of interactive methodologies used in the training into everyday practice

Roles and Responsibilities

Center for Faculty development office is responsible for ensuring that staff have a clear understanding of all the functions and activities of the department where they are working. It should be organized as systematic and regular training programmes directly related to the needs of the department and the individual teacher.

Center for Faculty development is particularly responsible for training function which includes:

  • organization of training courses for senior and junior teachers and identification of training needs as well as to formulate and design programmes appropriate to the needs of teachers
  • identification of trainers who will lead and experts who will lead sessions
  • preparation of guidelines and other training material, including training manuals
  • maintaining of logistical support in regard to accommodation and equipment
  • publishing of seminar/ workshop reports and putting information about seminar / workshop results on the web

Involving' participants

In a training seminar in an active way that incorporates their own experience is essential. That learning gives the trainees an opportunity to begin developing their skills and to receive immediate feedback. It also gives them the opportunity to participate in many of the training exercises and techniques.