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Healthcare Club


The Department of Biomedical Engineering has planned to initiate the technical club - HEALTHCARE CLUB. We have been regularly organizing extension activities like medical camp, social awareness programmes, and Medical survey for the benefit of society through our organization. Since the above mention activities are regularly planned, we would like to conduct these activities under the healthcare club.

This club will provide support to the students, faculty and also society peoples through some of the following activities:

S.No Date Activity Outcome Beneficiary
1. 09.05.2020 Webinar on ‘Gait Analysis from Human to Bone’ Awareness on Gait and its effect on bone. Students and Faculty.
2. 23.05.2020 Webinar on ‘E-health’ Awareness on E-health and its benefits in Covid era. Students and Faculty.
3. 04.06.2020 Webinar on ‘Interpretation of Cardiovascular System’ Understanding Cardiovascular system and its functioning. Students and Faculty.
4. 11.06.2020 Webinar on ‘Roles and Challenges of Product Specialist in Healthcare’ Awareness on emerging trend in healthcare sector. Students and Faculty.
5. 04.09.2020 Role of Nutraceuticals in the Management of Disease Awareness on medicinal foods that play a role in maintaining wellbeing, enhancing health, modulating immunity and thereby preventing as well as treating specific diseases. Students and Faculty.
6. 09.09.2020 Joining: Importance and Application of Material Development Gaining deep knowledge on different materials and its combination in adding benefits to society. Students and Faculty.
6. 04.01.2021 Fostering mental health and wellness of students during pandemic Awareness on mental health issues during covid era and its impact on students. Students and Faculty.
7. 11.01.2021 Ethnic Foods to combat Covid’19 Understanding foods originating from a culture with the locally available ingredients in boosting the immunity against covid’19 Students and Faculty.
8. 19.01.2021 Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle and its application. Understanding Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle and its application in design of the optical devices, catalysts, biosensors, imaging agent, drugs and gene delivery, etc. Students and Faculty.
9 7.2.2022 Covid - 19 Awareness programme Awareness about Covid - 19 Students and Faculty.


  • The Healthcare Club functions with the purpose of making the public cognizant about the Environment.
  • Training the common people on Basic Life supporting skills through various programs and recreational activities.
  • Developing an awareness to improvise humanity by helping the mankind to serve others, making them to ensure that they are undergoing safe and good health practices.

Social Activities

The above mentioned objectives shall be fulfilled by codifying various training programs such as medical camps, Basic life support training by the professionals, rallying, providing awareness among school students, fun programs like miming, dramas, monoact that depicts the safe and good health practices.


  • Improve the health of populations.
  • Conducting health education campaigns to make people conscious of the impact of diseases
  • Engage and empower individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors, and make changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and other morbidities.