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Math Club of Dr.N.G. P Institute of Technology was established in the year 2014 and it was inaugurated by Dr.C.Kailasam Director-Science & Humanities.


  • The primary objective of the Math Club is to foster a community of students around a common interest in mathematics. They will have opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles.
  • Members will also be able to engage with colleagues in the discipline by attending math conferences and will participate in social gatherings aimed at advancing interactions with their cohort.
  • The Math Club members will learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics.

Outcome of MATH Club

  • Developing mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems
  • Enjoying mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems
  • To Select and apply general rules correctly to solve problems including those in real-life contexts.

Organization Structure

  • Co-ordinator : Dr. R. UDAYAKUMAR,AP(SG)/MATHS