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Multi Linguistics Club


A Multi Linguistics Club is a platform in which, students will learn the skills to write and speak different languages in an efficient and effective manner.


It is a platform to learn different languages and dialects being followed by various groups.


To provide knowledge and equip the students on various languages and skills.


  • To educate and motivate the Consumer Club Members about the rights and responsibilities of consumers.
  • To make the members inculcate the valuable inputs which they gained among the general public.
  • To educate students about rights of the consumers, as provided in consumer protection Act, 1986.
  • To mobilize young individuals by instilling in them the spirit of protection of consumer rights.
  • To impart knowledge about the role of consumers in protection of their rights and to strengthen the consumerism.


  • It gives pupils the ability to practice a wide range of skills in different languages.
  • To educate and motivate the students to involve themselves in the process of working with linguistic phenomena and learning about a new language by simultaneously working their memory, logic, deduction, pattern-finding and creative skills.
  • To host presentations by guest lecturers, faculty, students, and tutors who are interested in the study of linguistics.


  • To promote the study of various languages and its use.
  • To enable students to realize the importance of multi linguistics skills.
  • To develop a sense of awareness about the multi linguistics.
  • To build an enlightened citizen with a multi language spoken skills.


Ms.S.Hamsa Priya – AP/English