Counselling Code: 2736

S. No Department Name of the Staff Year Title of the Project Amount Status
CIVIL Dr. M. Senthil Rajan Apr-22 Vermi composting Pit Rs.12,350 Completed
CIVIL Dr. M. Senthil Rajan Mar-23 Crash Detector Rs.21,036 Completed
CIVIL Mr. B. Vignesh Kumar Mar-23 Self Curing Concrete Rs. 21,000 Completed
MECH Dr. P. Gopikrishan Jan-23 Vehicle fabrication - Gokart Championship 2023 Rs. 35,000 Completed
EEE Dr. N.R. Govinthasamy Oct-22 Portable Electronic Scoreboard Rs. 55,050 Completed
CSE Dr D Palanikkumar Mar-23 Drone purchase for CSE Department R & D Rs. 1,81,996 Completed
IT BIJI ROSE Dec-22 IIT PALS INNOWAH Supervisory Interactive Virtual Assistant Control Rs. 21100 Completed
MECH Dr V S Sree Balaji Aug-23 Automatic Weighing and Shoe Polishing Machine Rs. 35000 Completed
MECH Dr M Nallusamy Dec-23 Design and Development of Electric Mini Mobility Scooter Rs 21850 Completed
MECH Dr. P. Gopikrishan 2023 Gokart Rs.62000 Completed
AI & DS Dr R Karthikeyan, Ms K Karpagavadivu Mar-24 Sharp Witted Agronomy Rs. 44486 In progress
IT Dr B Hemalatha Mar-24 Integration of Intelligent Vehicle Speed Controller with Automatic Light Control System Rs. 51463 In progress
ECE Dr B Aruna Devi, Ms. S. Preethi Mar-24 Design and Development of AI Based Techno Water Recycling Plant in Nallampatti Village Rs. 70000 In progress