Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is an International professional engineering society whose members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land, water, air and space.


To Continuously Enrich Knowledge Base of Practitioners in Mobility Industry and Institutions in the Service of Humanity.


  • To enhance the knowledge base of members who are mobility practitioners within India
  • To provide access to SAE International programs and services globally enabling them to practice world class standard in productivity and quality
  • To develop technical and scientific reports and engineering standards for the benefit of mankind
  • To provide a forum for members to informally exchange views and ideas

Student Convention

  • Student Convention is the group of competitions for SAE MEMBERS conducted every year, which engages large sections of our student members through competitions and events spread over 3 Tiers viz, College level(Tier 1), Divisional level (Tier 2) and Main Convention (Tier 3).


  • Celebration of Success (of yearlong activities that happen at collegiate clubs)
  • Showcasing student abilities(Technical, Design, Fabrication, Problem Solving)
  • Experience sharing and networking (belief in collective and fraternal growth)
  • Motivating students to take up automotive sciences as career.
  • Dr.NGPIT SAE CLUB organizes Student Convention (Tier-I) every year in college premises - Organized divisional level (Tier-2) in our college on 22.08.2015.


S No Date Activity Event Venue Academic year
25.07.2023 – 27.07.2023 Participation in International Event “TECHNOXIAN 2023 – World Robotics Championship” Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida 2023-2024
07.08.2023 – 09.08.2023 Participation & 6 Awards winning at Gokart event Kart Racing Championship (KRC-2) Kari Motors Speedway, Coimbatore 2023-2024
18.08.2023 Conclave Conclave on “Industry Expectations from Young Mechanical Engineers” NGPiTECH 2023-2024
14.09.2023 Participation & Award winning at Gokart event “RUSH HOUR” - Gokart Championship SNS Institutions, Coimbatore 2023-2024
06.10.2023 Participation & Award winning for “Best Design” in Dirt race event DIRT RASH COMPETITION in MEQUEST 2K23 symposium Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore 2023-2024
01.02.2023 – 02.02.2023 Participation & 5 Awards winning at Gokart event Formula Kart Racing Championship (FKRC-1) Kari Motors Speedway, Coimbatore 2022-2023
01.03.2023 Guest Lecture One day Guest Lecture on “SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT QUALITY DESIGN IN 3D PRINT TECHNOLOGY” NGPiTECH 2022-2023
11.03.2023 Hands-on workshop One day hands-on workshop on “Advanced Automotive Technology” NGPiTECH 2022-2023