To play a vital role to support the intellectual, social and moral values of alumni through lifelong sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with the institute.


To establish a platform for common interests and engagements by fostering the participation of the members in achieving the vision of the institute by providing maximum possible opportunities.


  • To maintain up-to-date database of the members.
  • To honour outstanding alumni.
  • To promote the alumni network for strengthening the bond of friendship, interests and welfare with fresh graduates and present students.


  • The constitution of the association will include official name and address of the association, memberships, organization structure, duties and responsibilities of elected office bearers, their tenure, nominees from the institute, operation of funds and meeting & other activities.
  • The association will invite alumni and make them to share their experience and knowledge with present students.
  • The association will organize alumni meet every year for strengthening the bond between the members and the institute.


President (1)
Vice President (1)
Secretary (1)
Joint Secretary (1)
Treasurer (1)
Committee Members (1)