• To provide students with a good understanding of Biomedical imaging equipment principles, applications and maintenance procedures.
  • To describe the operating principles of a wide range of Radiological Equipment and Imaging Systems.
  • Assess possible hazards associated with Imaging System, the use and maintenance of Radiological equipment.
  • Describe Radiological effects and measures for minimizing such risks.
  • Understand the knowledge and skills required to interpret the regulatory requirements related to safety of medical devices.
  • To provide the underpinning knowledge required in order to safely and competently undertakes servicing activities on a range of medical Imaging systems and to provide practical experience of direct relevance to the servicing of equipment.


  • At the center for Medical Imaging, our approach to training is “learning through doing”. The training sessions will be highly interactive and based on real problems and scenarios with the medical imaging equipment.
  • Identify various front panel controls, PCB cards used in the X-ray, CT Machine and C-Arm.
  • Critically evaluate medical information and its imaging sources and apply this appropriately to clinical decisions
  • Respond to the needs of the physician and improve patient comfort.
  • Establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the Radiology

Key Supporting elements for a professional experience

  • To provide basic idea of the equipment, operating principle, its specifications and applications.
  • Clear Exposure on the different modules in equipment, its functionalities and designing, electric and electronic controls.
  • To offer a hands-on experience on Medical Imaging Systems.
  • To understand the Transition or Evolution of Medical Imaging Equipment in hand to hand with technology and its need

List of Major Equipment at Center for Medical Imaging

S.No Name of Equipment Make/Model
01. Computed Tomography Siemens/ Somatom Emotion
02. Mobile X-ray Siemens- MM2.5
03. C- arm Siemens - Multimobil
04. CT contrast injector Medtron Injectron
05. X-Ray machine GE Healthcare TS-901/2B