Need for the Center:

Testing and calibration of bio-medical equipment to assure the quality of medical equipment is becoming increasingly significant. In current scenario the accuracy in diagnosis and effectiveness in treatment cannot be compromised at all. Testing and calibration of equipment ensures accuracy, reliability, effectiveness and long life of the equipment, which ultimately enables one to achieve the highest degree of quality control in healthcare.

Testing and calibration is carried out at least once a year with the help of specialized equipment which ensures high standards. It can be done as per a range of national and international standards including – IEC60601, ISO 13485, ANSI/AAMI and more.


KMCH Medical Equipment Calibration Center (MECC) is a sophisticated laboratory which is equipped with state-of-the-art calibrating equipment, IEC standards, operating procedures and trained professionals guided by faculty experts to perform calibration of medical devices to ensure reliable performance for quality healthcare. After the testing and calibration the test results are generated and a calibration report is issued.

Facilities Available

KMCH Medical Equipment Calibration Center is almost established with wide range of medical test equipment including Defibrillators, Pulse Oxymeters SPO2, and Patient monitors etc. In addition electrical safety testers, infusion pumps, Patient simulators, Syringe pumps, electrosurgical analyzers, Ventilators and NIBP are also tested and calibrated in the center.

These models are versatile, available in various with numerous optional features that enable the user to perform testing comprehensively, accurately, effectively, in-depth with great efficiency. Provide the option of storing and printing test results with special software packages


The Center encourages various on-site and in-house testing and calibration of medical devices, Diagnosis of problems and recommendation for service, Quality Assurance check for radiological equipment as per AERB protocols and recalibration


The students are able to gain knowledge about the importance of calibration to deliver accurate diagnosis, quality care to the patients, also learn to ensure that the products meet international standards and safety norms.

Students attend training/ Interns in companies and get Job offers by gaining this knowledge. These In-house calibrations minimize the transport error in equipment.

This is why it is incredibly important from a moral, technological, medical and legal standpoint that all medical equipment is in full working order, safe to use, and calibrated to the highest level of accuracy.

List of Equipment

S.No Manufacture Equipment Name Model Number
01. Fluke Corporation, USA
Electrical safety analyzer
SpO2 functional tester
Vital signs simulator
ProSim 4
Defibrillator calibration equipment