Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI)


  • To encourage, promote and advance interdisciplinary co-operation amongst scientists, engineers, and medical doctors for the growth of teaching, research and practices of Biomedical Engineering.
  • To disseminate knowledge in Biomedical Engineering.
  • To stimulate and aid research and development in all aspects of Biomedical Engineering.
  • To help the improvement of standards, terminology, equipment, methods and safety practices.

About SEEE

The Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI) is an All India, non-profit making professional learned body. The Headquarters of the BMESI is presently at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

The Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI) Students Chapter at Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology was established in the year 2014. Through the BMESI Students Chapter, various activities like workshops, seminars, guest lectures, invited talks, and competitions are organized periodically.

BMESI Student Chapter activities

  • Organize Symposium, Workshops, Conferences, Invited- lectures, study programmes, etc.
  • Maintain contacts with other learned and professional organizations.
  • Publication of an official journal – “Medical and Life Sciences Engineering”
  • Publishing bi-monthly newsletter - ENGMEDNEWS
  • Set up an advisory service.
    Raise fund in such manner as the society may think fit and collect subscriptions and donations for the purpose of the Society.

BMESI Institutional Id ILM-039
BMESI Chapter No & Date of Registration ILM-039
Year of Establishment 2015

BMESI Student Chapter Details

Name of the BMESI Chapter Chairman Dr.S.Prabakar
Name of the BMESI Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Ms.K.Chamundeswari
Name of the BMESI Student Chapter Secretary Mr.P.Vignesh IV BME

BMESI Students Membership details

Academic year No of students membership
2021-2022 238
2018-2019 173
2017-2018 177
2016-2017 171
2015-2016 164
2014-2015 114

BMESI Faculty Membership details

Academic year No of Faculty membership
2021-2022 11
2018-2019 13
2017-2018 13
2016-2017 14
2015-2016 12
2014-2015 5

Activities organized through BMESI Students Chapter:

S.No Date Event/ Activity Beneficiary Resource Person
Academic Year 2021-2022
01. 24.02.2022 & 25.02.2022 Workshop on “Advancement in Biomedical Nanotechnology” 180 students Dr.M.Ramya,
Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Manipal Institute of Technology Bengaluru.

Ms. Swathi Sikdar, Assistant Professor,
Department of Biomedical Engineering, JIS College, West Bengal.
02. 19.01.2022 Career Opportunities in Biomedical Engineering 260 Students Karthik Raj V,
Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited, Vishakapatnam
03. 25.08.2021 Association Inauguration - Importance of clinical engineers in medical device industry 220 Students Mr.Atheena Milagi Pandian,
Founder & MD Atheenapandian Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
04. 15.08.2021 Association valedictory - Roles and Challenges of Biomedical Engineers in post COVID - 19 Era 220 Students Ms.D.Madhuseguntha,
Getting Medical India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
05. 09.09.2021 IBSC - Engineering in Oxygen Concentrator 180 students Mr.ShantanuSinha,
Plant Head, Deckmount Electronics pvt Ltd, AMTZ Campus.
06. 30.10.2021 BMESI - Enriching the knowledge on BMESI 180 students Dr.Shruthi Jain,
Associate Professor, JAYPEE University of information and Technology, Himachal Pradesh ,India
Academic Year 2020-2021
01. 15.08.2021 Association valedictory - Roles and Challenges of Biomedical Engineers in post COVID-19 Era 200 students Ms.D.Madhuseguntha,
Getting Medical India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
02. 07.10.2020 Association Inauguration & GuestLecture – Career Oppurtunities and skill certifications for Engineers 200 students Mr.Nitturi Naresh Kumar,
Scientist-D Kalam Institute of Health Technology(KIHT) AndhraPradesh
Academic Year 2019-2020
01. 02.03.2019 Guest Lecture on PACS and Healthcare IT 173 students Mr.J.Senthilkumar,
Senior support Engineer M/s SFO Technologies PvtLtd,Bangalore.
02. 05.03.2019 One day workshop on 3Dprinting in Medical Applications 173 students Mr.T.U.Vishnu,
CEO,Founder ,M/S Machenn Innovations, Bangalore.
03. 10.07.2019 IBSC Interactive session 150 Students Mr.Nitturi Naresh kumar,
Scientist-D Kalam Institute of Health Technology(KIHT) AndhraPradesh
04. 10.07.2019 IBSC-Certification on Medical Device Manufacturing and Regulations and Guideliness 150 Students Mr.Saravanan,
Medical dealer of M/s.NikhonKohdon
05. 29.08.2019 - 30.08.2019 IBSC- National Workshop MedZest 150 Students Mr.S.Ramesh,
Sr. Marketing Manager, The advanced Medical System Inc., Chennai
Academic Year 2018-2019
01. 03.08.2018 Association, BMESI and SEEE Student Chapter Inauguration & Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship and Business scope in Biomedical Engineering 173 students Ms. Meera Jaymohan Unnithan, CEO – Rasi Enterprises, Coimbatore
02. 04.08.2018 Guest Lecture on AI- An Introduction 173 students Mr. S. Ushman Sharif, Manager – Udhayam Medicare System Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
03. 10.08.2018 Guest Lecture on Sensors & IoT 173 students Dr. Vijender Kumar Solanki, CMR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India.
04. 30.08.2018 Guest Lecture on Medical Imaging and its advancement 173 students Mr. Martin, Managing Director, V.M Meditech Pvt Ltd, Chennai
05. 31.08.2018 Guest Lecture on Advances in Biomaterials for Meniscal Tissue Engineering 173 students Dr. R. Selvakumar, Associate Professor in Nanobiotechnology PSG Institute of Advanced Studies Coimbatore
06. 02.03.2019 Guest Lecture on PACS and Healthcare IT 173 students Mr.J.Senthilkumar, Senior Support Engineer M/s SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
07. 05.03.2019 One day workshop on 3D Printing in Medical Applications 173 students Mr.T.U.Vishnu, CEO, Founder M/s Machenn Innovations Bangalore
Academic Year 2017-2018
08. 09.06.2017 National Workshop On Enhancing Energy Efficiency of HVAC Systems In Hospitals, Hotels and Educational Institutions 15 students Mr.U.K. Anandapadmanaban, CEO, Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad
09. 08.07.2017 Career Guidance Program 124 students Mr. Dinesh Easuwaran, Sales Manager Philips Healthcare, Coimbatore
10. 20.07.2017 Association , BMESI And SEEE Student Chapter Inauguration & Guest lecture on Innovating in Healthcare 174 students Mr. Siddharth Nair, Co-Founder & Managing Director Fyrsta Innovations (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
11. 26.07.2017 Expert Lecture Series on Nutraceuticals- A Unique And Traditional Supplements For Health 174 students Dr S.R.Sathish Kumar, Scientist, R&D Lab Caprienzymes, Ranipet, Chennai.
12. 03.08.2017 Guest Lecture on Pharmacogenomics- the way to drug design and development 174 students Dr P. K. Krishnan Namboori, Associate professor, Computational Engineering and Networking, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,
13. 09.08.2017 Training Program on Understanding ICMED Certification and New Medical Devices Rules, 2017 For Medical Device Manufacturers 64 students Mr. Srinivasa Reddy, Senior Manager, Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone(AMTZ), Visakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Mrutunjay Jena, Joint Director, Quality Council of India – NABCB, New Delhi.
14. 11.09.2017 Personality development Programme on Becoming from Being and Engineering 174 students Dr S.Palanivel, International Training Fellow, Associate Professor, Kamaraj College, Virudu Nagar
15. 20.09.2017 Training Program on Hands-on Fire Safety Training 174 students Mr. Arumuga Poomalai, Ex. Army, Fire Safety Officer, Kovai Medical Center and Hospitals, Coimbatore
Academic Year 2016-2017
16. 19.07.2016 Association and BMESI Student Chapter Inauguration Guest Lecture on Scope of Biomedical Engineering 171 students Mr. S. Karthikeyan, Senior Engineer,R&D, Lakshmi Life Science Ltd, Coimbatore.
17. 12.08.2016 Workshop on Therapeutic Equipments - Surgical Diathermy and its accessories 171 students Mr. Sathish Mohanasundaram, Service Manager, Support and Training, The Advanced Medical Systems Inc., Chennai.
18. 22.09.2016 National Seminar on Advancements in Nanomedicine and Biomaterial Engineering 171 students Dr. Rajendran JC Bose, Post Doctoral Researcher, School of Integrative Engineering Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea.
19. 24.01.2017 National Seminar-Biotechnology Ignition Grant 57 students Dr. Anil Wali, Managing Director, Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi, New Delhi.

Shri Abhinav, Managing Director & CEO, Cardea Labs & Cardea Biomedical Technologies
20. 02.02.2017 - 03.02.2017 National Workshop- MedZEST 2017 A Forum for Hands on Training and Quality Control of Medical Equipment 276 students Mr. Jaganathan Sridharan, Clinical Manager – Critical Care,Getinge Group, Chennai

Ms. Gayathri Iyer, Service Executive Company, Getinge Group, Chennai.

Mr Balaji Gadala, National Sales Manager- Ultrasound.Government, Business – South Asia, Wipro GE Healthcare, Chennai.

Mr. M.Ramesh, Application specialist Wipro GE Healthcare, Chennai

Mr. Balasubramaniam.K Managing Director, Philips

Mr. Anandhan, Senior sales Engineer, Philips

Mr.Dhanakumar.V Zonal Service Manager - South Terumopenpol

Mr.Subash Baiju, Assistant Service Manager, Terumopenpol
21. 16.03.2017-18.03.2017 International Conference- IEEE International Conference ICIGEHT’17, “Innovations in Green Energy and Healthcare Technologies” 207 students Prof. Dr.A.Alphones, Professor & Programme Coordinator (Research), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Dr. Parag K Shah, Ophthalmologist, Department of Pediatric Retina and Ocular Oncology, Aravind Eye Care System, Coimbatore.

Dr.P.V. Manivannan, Assistant Professor, Manufacturing Engineering Section, Indian Institute ofTechnology, (IITM),Chennai.

Dr. G. Sai Narayanan, Senior Technical Specialist,HCL Technologies,Chennai.
Academic Year 2015-2016
22. 10.07.2015 Association and BMESI Student Chapter Inauguration Guest lecture Carrier aspects of Biomedical Engineering. 164 students Mr. V. Pragadheeswaran, Managing Director, Aries Biomed Technology Pvt Ltd , Coimbatore.
23. 7.8.2015 - 8.8.2015 National Conference on Recent Advancements in Biomedical Engineering and Health care technologies 227 students Dr.Dulal Panda, Chair professor, Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering IITB.

Mr. S. Manivannan, CEO,Emergeion, Chennai.

Mr.T.Anbuselvan, Service Manager, Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd Chennai.

Mr.T.C.L.Narayana, Manager, India Medtronic Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

Mr.P.V.Kumaranvedivel, Managing Director, M/s.Jesai Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

Dr. P. Mathew Cherian, Interventional Radiologist, KMCH, Coimbatore.

Mr.John Chavan, GM,Business & Marketing, Philips Healthcare India, Chennai.

Mr.U.K. Anandapadmanaban, CEO,Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Mr.M.Sathiskumar, Director India Operations, TriMedx India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.

Dr. G. Sai Narayanan, Senior Technical Specialist, HCL Technologies, Chennai.

24. 15.02.2016 Guest Lecture on Unified Force (Vethon) and Its Relation with Good Particles and Global Warming Crave for Green Energy Technology 164 students Dr. Kannan Jegathala Krishnan, Intellectual Property Developer, Melbourne, Australia.
25. 23.02.2016 Guest Lecture on Latest Trends in Biomedical Equipments 164 students Mr. Paresh Modh, Chief Executive Officer, Pamptron, Mumbai.
26. 26-02-016- 27-02-2016 National Workshop on A forum for hands on training and quality control of Medical Equipments 212 students Mr.Gowri Shankar, Officer –Field service & CDS Specialist, Olympus Medical system.

Mr.Praveen Sankar, Senior Engineer –Field service, Olympus Medical system.

Mr.Gopal Rao, Sr. Product Manager, Maquet, Chennai

Mr. Gokul Krishnan, Assistant Manager, Maquet, Chennai.

Mr.Karthik Rengarajan, Service Executive, Maquet, Chennai.

Ms.Sindhuja Senior Executive Academy Maquet, Chennai

Academic Year 2014-2015
27. 22.08. 2014 Inauguration Association and BMESI guest lecture on Soft skills for Engineering Professionals 144 students M.Lakshmanan, CEO (HR and Commercial), Kavin Engineering and Services Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore.
28. 29.09.14 Guest Lecture on Recent Advancements in Biosignal Data Acquisition and Processing. 144 students Mr.Srikanth, Director, Graphic Devices Novavid Systems.
29. 18.11.2014 Guest lecture on Importance of Biomedical Applications for engineering professionals 144 students Mr.S.Kumar, Manager, TMI Systems,Bangalore
30. 21.02.2015 Guest Lecture on Perspectives of Nanotechnology in Medicine 144 students Dr.N.MeenakshiSundaram, Associate Professor, PSG College of Technology, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.