Indian Green Building Council, Hyderabad

Dr. N.G.P. Institute of Technology has inaugurated the IGBC Student Chapter and Institute Membership in the year 2019. The objective of IGBC Green New Buildings rating system is to facilitate a holistic approach to create environment friendly buildings, through architectural design, water efficiency, effective handling of waste, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings, and focus on occupant comfort & well-being. The rating system evaluates certain mandatory requirements & credit points using a prescriptive approach and others on a performance based approach. The rating system is evolved so as to be comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly. The program is fundamentally designed to address national priorities and quality of life for occupants.

Some of the unique aspects addressed in this rating system are as follows:

  • Recognition for architectural excellence through integrated design approach.
  • Recognition for passive architectural features.
  • Structural design optimization with regard to steel and cement. This is a developmental credit. Projects are encouraged to attempt this credit, so as to help IGBC in developing baselines for future use.
  • Water use reduction for construction. This is also a developmental credit.
  • Based on the feedback from green building proponents, use of certified green products will be encouraged. IGBC has launched a new initiative to certify green products to transform markets. Products would be evaluated right from extraction to disposal.
  • Hand Holding from IGBC Counselors will now be available for the projects.
  • A site visit and audit is proposed before award of the rating.
  • Projects are encouraged to report energy and water consumption data on an annual basis, to facilitate research in this area.