About Association:

The CSE Association was inaugurated in 2009 as ILLUMINATOR'S is responsible for conducts number of co-curricular activities including special lectures by experts, workshops, technical seminars, etc. This association aims to provide every student with a strong conceptual foundation in the core areas of Computer Science. It has successfully organized many field trips to gain practical experience and to foster a deeper learning and understanding of the theoretical concepts. It also helps the students to improve the group responsibility and prepare themselves to the IT industry.

Objectives of CSE Association (ILLUMINATOR'S)

  • To enhance the technical knowledge in the field of computers by conducting quizzes, seminars, group discussions, meeting and other similar activities and thereby increasing the confidence level of students.
  • To develop leadership quality and initiative and promote a feeling of responsibility in them.
  • To make the students aware of various emerging areas in the field of computing and various areas of research and development
  • To provide opportunities to learn moral and ethical values to serve the society.