Counselling Code: 2736


The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT. Founded in 1953, it serves more than 60,000 members through various centers, whose number is 65, spread all over India and abroad.

The IETE Students chapter at Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology was started during 23rd February 2011. Through IETE, various activities like workshops, seminars, guest lectures, invited talks and competitions are organized periodically.


  • The Institution provides leadership in Scientific and Technical areas of direct importance to the national development and economy.
  • Provide focus on advancing electro-technology.
  • Organize and support technical meetings, conferences, symposia, and exhibitions all over India
  • Publishes technical journals and provides continuing education as well as career advancement opportunities to its members.


Students will be able to

  • Plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.
  • Use the common platform to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest, e.g., curriculum, employment, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.
  • Facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.
  • Get encouraged team spirit and self-reliance among student members.

IETE Student Membership Details:

S.No. Academic Year Class Beneficiary
1 2015-16 II ECEC A & B (Batch 2014-15) 94
2 2016-17 II ECEC A & B (Batch 2015-16) 92
3 2017-18 II ECEC A & B (Batch 2016-17) 101
4 2017-18 II ECE A & B (Batch 2016-2020) 101
5 2018-19 II ECEC A & B (Batch 2017-18) 92
6 2018-19 II ECE A & B (Batch 2017-2021) 92
7 2019-20 II ECEC A & B (Batch 2018-19) 68
8 2019-20 II ECE A & B (Batch 2018-2022) 68
9 2021-2022 II ECE A & B ( Batch 2020-2024) 95
10 2021-2022 III ECE A & B ( Batch 2019-2023) 101


Faculty Coordinator

1 Mr.U.Vinothkumar IETE Membership: M-502733

Student Coordinator

Sl.No. Student Name Responsibilities Year/Section
Dollyswetha M Secretary IV ECE A
Lipin K S Joint Secretary III ECE A
Maheshwaran S Treasurer IV ECE B
Yuvarajan V K Joint Treasurer III ECE B
Dheeksith N Executive Members IV ECE A
Manjushree G Executive Members IV ECE B
Keshika T Executive Members III ECE A
Pooja Shree M Executive Members III ECE B
Hemathchandran G M Executive Members II ECE A
Jayakowsalya N Executive Members II ECE A
Manimala S Executive Members II ECE B
Vinoth Kumar M S Executive Members II ECE B


Date Event/Programme Topic Chief Guest, Designation
24.09.2022 Inaugural Function Current Technologies and Recruitment Process in Industries Mr.V.Sridhar, Senior Manager – HR, Timesys Technologies India Coimbatore 641014
28.08.2021 Inaugural Function IETE Students forum Inaugural Function Mr.G.Ravichandran,
B.Sc., B.E., Auto Crib Vending System India Pvt. Ltd., (AUTOCRIB SA) Chennai.
09.09.2021 WEBINAR Global Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Mr.Naveen Manicham,
CEO and founder of Krishna Advertisement, Coimbatore
25.09.2021 WEBINAR An Art of Cracking Technical Interviews M.Jagadesh Babu,
Senior Engineering Manager, Belevel Inacadamy, Bangalore
13.12.2021 WEBINAR Resume Building Mr.Vijay Anand P.S
Focus academy for career enhancement
15.05.2021 Webinar Electric Vehicle Technology - Overview Dr.S.Charles,
Manager, Automotive Engineering Solutions, Danlaw Technologies India Ltd, Bangalore.
15.04.2021 Webinar On-Chip Antenna for 5G Communication Systems Dr.P.Karupanan,
Professor, Dept. of ECE, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
28.09.2020 Inaugural function IETE Students Forum Inaugural function Mr.K.Vishnu Prasad,
Design verification Engineer, Analog Devices Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
05.06.2020 Webinar IPR for Professional Innovators Dr. L. Stanley Abraham,
Scientist E - Centre for Ocean Research, (DST-FIST Sponsored Centre) MoES - ESTC Nodal Cell for Marine Biotechnological Studies, Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai.
17.06.2020 International Webinar Research Challenges in cloud communication industry perspective Mr. Sooraj A V,
Senior Firmware Engineer, Tismo Technology Solutions, Victoria Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka.
19.06.2020, 20.06.2020 Webinar Webinar on Open Source software and tools for modern teaching methodology Dr. U. Yedukondalu,
Associate Professor, Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh
07.08.2020 International Webinar Next Gen Networks (NGN) - Evolution of Legacy to Software Defined Networks (SDN) Ms.Sailaja Banu Abdul Salam,
Quality Assurance Consultant, Nove Markets Inc (US based company), Chennai.
02.08.2019 Inaugural function IETE Students Forum Inaugural function Mr.S. Sendilkumar,
Manager Technical Training, FESTO Controls Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
29.08.2019, 30.08.2019 Research Seminar Industry Seminar on Recent Trends on IOTs and its applications Mr. Sankalp Bagaria Technical Officer,
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), #1, CDAC Knowledge Park, Byappanahalli, Bangalore 560038.
27.09.2019, 28.09.2019 Research Seminar Research Seminar on Smart Home automation and security system using Arduino and IoT Mr. M. Dwarakanath Technical Officer,
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), #1, CDAC Knowledge Park, Byappanahalli, Bangalore 560038.
10.02.2020, 11.02.2020 Research Seminar Research Development Course on IOT approaches for low power Wireless Technologies Mr. N. Srinaresh Project Engineer,
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), #1, CDAC Knowledge Park, Byappanahalli, Bangalore 560038.
27.02.2020, 28.02.2020 Research Seminar Research Development Course on Industrial Internet of Things(IOT) Dr.J.Chitra, ASP/ECE
Mr.C.Senthilkumar, AP/ECE
Ms. S.Nithyadevi, AP/ECE
Mr.U.Vinothkumar, AP/ECE
Ms.C.S.Manju, AP/ECE
05.03.2020, 06.03.2020 Research Seminar Research Development Course on Research Contribution to IOT in Industry 4.0 Dr.J.Chitra, ASP/ECE
Mr.C.Senthilkumar, AP/ECE
Ms. S.Nithyadevi, AP/ECE
Mr.U.Vinothkumar, AP/ECE
Ms.C.S.Manju, AP/ECE
02.05.2020 to 04.05.2020 Online FDP Three days Faculty Development Programme on“ Future Trends In Electronics” Dr.Gunasekaran Thangavel,
Program Director & Telecommunications Engineering, EEE Section, Higher College of Technology Muscat , Sultanate of Oman.
28.07.2018 Inaugural function IETE Students Forum Inaugural function Mr. Vignesh Sakthivel
Senior Software Engineer(Embedded Systems), Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions , Coimbatore.
07.08.2018 Subject Oriented Guest Lecture Thrust Areas in Digital Image Processing and its Applications Dr. M. Bharathi,
Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.
20.08.2018 Alumni Guest Lecture Career Oppurtunities for Electronics Engineers Mr.K.Thanush
Business Specialist, McKinsey & Company, Bangalore.
24.08.2018 Alumni Guest Lecture Skill set for Engineers to meet the current Industrial Needs Ms.A. Sheerin Sitharra
HR, Talent Acquisition, KLA – Tencor, Chennai.
29..08.2018 National Level Workshop Simulation of Optical Networks using Synopsys Rsoft Optsim Mr.Arul Prakash
Product Engineer Supreme Scientific Corporation Madurai.
01.09.2018 Research Workshop Embedded System Security & Internet of Things (IoT) using Google Assistance Mr.B.SaravanaKumar,
Co-Founder, CinGrous Labs, KGISL Tech Campus Coimbatore.
11.09.2018 Research Guest Lecture Emerging Trends in Robotics Dr.B.Vinod
Professor & Head Department of Robotics and Automation Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
15.09.2018 IndustryLecture Series Skills and Demandsof Industrial C Programming towards Employability Mr.N. Vigneshwar,
Manager – Infra Ops Specialist, Cognizant Technology Solution Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore.
06.02.2019 & 07.02.2019 National Level WorkShop WiFi Controlled Robotics & ChampianShip Mr.Tanay Ash
Robotics Research Engineer, Finland Labs, NewDelhi
23.02.2019 Industrial Lecture Series Industry 4.0 1.Dr.V.S.Saravanan
General Manager Indoshell Cast Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore

2. Dr.L.S.Jayashree
Professor & Programme Coordinator – M.E. CSE PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

C# Most Valuable Professional & Product Engineer Hubfly, Coimbatore

Product Engineer Hubfly, Coimbatore

5. Mr.P.Suresh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer Agna Incorporation, Coimbatore
06.04.2018 Project Expo
Professor,Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore
04.08.2017 Inaugural function IETE Students Forum Inaugural function Ms.B.Sangeetha,
Project Manager, Infrastructure and middleware Solutions, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore
07.09.2017 & 08.09.2017 Workshop IoT using Raspberry-Pi Mr.N.Sundaresan,
Project Engineer, Dronerra Technologies, Tanjore.
26.09.2017 One Day National level Workshop Python Language-Hands on Training Mr.SabarinathanMuthu, 
Technical Manager, Gateway Software Solutions, Coimbatore
04.10.2017 Workshop Effective Rocket Flight Path Planning and orbital Space Flight Simulation Mr.R. Mahalingam, Airport Authority of India, Coimbatore.   Mr.S.Suriya Kumaran, Design and Developer, Technoctista, Coimbatore.
06.10.2017 Workshop Subject oriented workshop on "Digital Signal and Image Processing using MATLAB" Dr.Latha Parameswaran, Prof. and Chairperson, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore.   Dr.U.S.Ragupathy, Prof. and Head, Dept. of EIE,  Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai.   Dr.V.K.Sudha, ASP/ECE, Dr. Mahalingam College of 6Engineering and Technology, Pollachi.
25.01.2018 Guest Lecture Next Generation of Communication (beyond 4G) – An industrial Transformation. Mr. Paul Antony Doss Senior Manager, Nippon Electric Corporation, Chennai.
09.02.2018 Seminar Orientation on Indian Engineering Olympiad (IEO) and Scholarship Test Mr. SaravanaKumar Director, GATE FORUM, Coimbatore.
22.2.2018 Training Programme One Day Training Programme on IoT Based Robotics Mr.Arun Rajeev, Managing Director, IRoboChakra, Coimbatore
29.07.2016 Inauguration Inauguration of  IETE Students Forum Dr.Anbalagan thangavel,
Software Architect,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited,Coimbatore.
19.08.2016 Guest Lecture Current Industrial Trends and Our Knowledge Gaps Mr.K.S Velayutham,
Senior Administrator,Emerson Project Management,Dallas, USA
15.02.2017 Guest Lecture Recent Trends in Wireless Technologies Mr.T.Senthil
Junior Telecom Officer, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Coimbatore
24.02.2017 to 25.02.2017 Workshop Quadcopter Development Cum Championship-ROBOFEAST 2017 Mr.N.Sundaresan
Senior Research Engineer

Mr.Devendra Kumar
Assistant Research Engineer, Revert Technology Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi.
10.3.2017 Guest Lecture New Developments and Thrust areas in Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Dr. J. Sivaraman
National Post- Doctoral Fellow, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad,Telangana

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering National Institute of Technology, Tirchy

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering National Institute of Technology, Tirchy

Research Associate, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore
14.08.2015 IETE Inauguration Industry Expectations from new hires Mr.Srinivas Raju,
Divisional Head, M/s UTL Technologies Ltd.,Bangalore & Mr. Prashant R Nair , Honorary Treasurer, IETE Coimbatore
15.09.2015 Guest Lecture Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era Mr. C.P.Saravana Kumar & Mr.G.Koushik Kumar , Co-founders of LogBase Inc.,
26.09.2015 & 27.09.2015 Workshop Hack-a-Bot Mr.Dinesh Tavsalkar, Design Engineer, ARK Technosolutions
19.03.2016 PROJECT EXPO – 2016 -For Polytechnic Students  & Guest Lecture PROJECT EXPO & Challenges in Industrial Scenario Tamil Neri Semmal Chinthanai Kavinghar Dr.Kavidasan. M.A,M.A,M.A,M.B.A,BL,Ph.D.,
Director, Roots Industries India Ltd. ,Coimbatore & Secretary, Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan International School ,Mettupalayam
30.04.2016 Guest Lecture ARM Based Embedded System Mr.R.Srinivasa Prabhu , Business Manager- Livewire (A division of CADD Centre , Coimbatore)
08.04.2015 Research Workshop Embedded Processors and Reconfigurable Architectures using LabVIEW Â Mr.Manimaran Asaithambi,
Senior Technical Engineer, VI Solutions, Bengaluru.
27.03.2015 Intercollegiate Project Expo TECHREVO'15 Â Mr.Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan,
Manager - Human Resources ALSTOM, Coimbatore
19.02.2015 Guest Lecture Research Opportunities and Challenges in Medical Image Processing Mr.Kumar Rajamani,
Architect, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Bangalore
17.02.2015 Research Workshop LaTeX for Technical Paper Writing Dr. Vernold Vivin J,
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, University College of Engineering, Nagercoil.
28.01.2015 Guest Lecture Career in Electronic Design and Automation Mr.S.Dhanasekaran,
Technical Analyst, LIVEWIRE, CADD Center, Coimbatore
15.09.2014 TECKE'FEST - Engineer's Day Celebrations TECKE'FEST Mr.Damodara M S,
Product Manager,Global IEEE
11.09.2014 & 12.09.2014 Two days Robotic Workshop & Contest iSensobotz on ARDUINO Mr.Harshal Joshi,
Design Engineer, ARK Technosolutions, Mumbai
13.08.2014 Inauguration of IETE Students Forum & Guest lecture Future Trends In Robotics and Automation Mr.ARJUN PRAKASH,
DIRECTOR,EFFICA AUTOMATION, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India