Teaching Learning Process

S.No Name of the Topic Web Link
1 Design of Compensators
2 Serial Peripheral Interface Bus protocol
3 Working Principle of Wind Energy Conversion system
4 Transients in Power system and its Effects
5 Generating Station, Substation Protection And Stability
6 Structure of Power System
7 Basics of Power Electronics
8 Basics of Micro processor and Microcontroller
9 Basics of Power Systems
10 Tesla Coil
11 Basics of Generation, Transmission and Distribution
12 Lightning of Transients
13 Video presentation -Smart grid
14 MPPT Controller for Solar PV Systems
15 Boiler Parameters monitoring Systems
16 Machine Demonstration
17 Basics Electrical circuit analysis concepts
18 Lightning and its view
19 Concept of Speed Governing Mechanism
20 Working of Induction Motor
21 Standing and travelling waves
22 Potentiometer
23 Energy meter demo
24 Introduction to signals and systems
25 Tesla coil
26 Basics of Reactive power Compensation www.youtube.com
27 Step-up chopper www.youtube.com
28 Basics of Micro processor and Microcontroller www.youtube.com
29 Addressing modes of 8085 Microprocessor www.youtube.com
30 Torque slip characteristics www.youtube.com
31 Induction Motor Demo www.youtube.com
32 Thevenin`s Theorem www.youtube.com
33 Closed Loop Control of VSI and CSI fed Induction Motor Drive www.youtube.com
34 Design of Armature www.youtube.com
35 Classifications of Transducers Sensors for Robotics www.youtube.com
36 Basics of Generation, Transmission and Distribution www.youtube.com
37 Power Converters for WECS www.youtube.com