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Enterprise Content Management

Ms Lakshana S P IT Analyst, Coimbatore Technology Center Coimbatore

D block 405 – Seminar Hall

Mr T Vijayakumar AP / IT Mr P Rajasekaran AP / IT


To learn about the importance of content management



Introducing Linux : A short Expedition to the TUX Environment

Mr Pradeep Palanisamy System Engineer Tata Consultancy Service Chennai

Programming Lab

Mr T Vijayakumar- AP / IT
Mr P Rajasekaran m- AP / IT


To gain a knowledge on how to work with Linux Platform



Student Association Inauguration - XEMAC

Dr Ranga Rajagopal Director& CEO Acent Technologies India Pvt Ltd Coimbatore

D block 405 – Seminar Hall

Dr R P Narmadha AP / IT Association In-charge


To start conducting events for the benefit of students

4 24.9.2022 IE sponsored one – day National Seminar on “ The Emerging Technologies on 5G and IoT” Mr Vasanth Nagarajan CTO Pinesphere Solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore West Seminar Hall A – Block Dr J Sujitha ASP / ECE Dr R P Narmadha AP / IT 106 Use 5G and IoT in emerging technologies in a various fields.
5 08.10.2022 One day Hands-on training on “Build a website using ReactJS Ms M K Sivaranjani Senior Software Engineer Rently Software Private limited ,Coimbatore PGM Lab I Ms Kavitha A, AP/IT Ms Dharani J, AP / IT 69 Acquire a knowledge about the website design Develop a frontend using ReactJS
6 08.10.2022 Hands-on training on Exclusive ReactJS workshop for beginners Mr R Jagan, Web or Mobile Application development professional , Peacock engineering India Pvt Ltd,Bangalore IBM Lab Ms P Poovizhi, AP/ IT, Dr D Pavithra, AP/ IT 54 Exhibit their Knowledge by working with NodeJS Brushed up with basics of HTML CSS and working with visual studio
7 15.10.22 Design thinking for Innovation Mr Timothy Dhayakar Paul, Technical Lead, Nunnari Labs, Coimbatore D block 405 Mr T Rajkumar Ap/ IT, Mr T Vijayakumar AP / IT 122 Gathered knowledge about innovative ideas for their domains