Lakhshya Cyber Security Center

Lakhshya Academy is the academic wing of Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs. Lakhshya Academy can open your doors to a fruitful career in cybersecurity and provide insights into industry best practices. The training builds the foundation necessary towards a career in Cyber Security.

The course will provide learners with principles of data and technology that frame and define cybersecurity. Learners will gain an extensive overview of the various branches of computing security, insight into the importance of cybersecurity and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals.This program will provide a dynamic learning experience where users can explore foundational cybersecurity principles, security architecture, attacks, incidents, and emerging IT and IS technologies.

S.No Name of the Industry Supported Course Name /  Objective Effectiveness
01. Oracle Corporation Oracle 11g: Introduction to SQL release 2(Oracle WDP) 45 students completed training courses and certified.