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Indian Welding Society

Indian welding Society (IWS) - Student forum of Mechanical Engineering at Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology was started during the academic year 2017-2018 to facilitate exchange of ideas, information, development work related to welding amongst members; by organizing lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and development programs; publish periodicals, books, journals, and magazines; and develop software and educational programs.

The Inaugural Function of Indian Welding Society (IWS) - Student forum of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology was held on Friday (05.01.2018) at 10.00am. Mr. N.Rajasekaran Hon. Secretary, Indian Welding Society & Deputy Genaral Manager, BHEL Trichy was inaugurated the function. The Guest of Honor were Dr.N.Murugan, Advisor-IWS (Southern Zone - Coimbatore Centre) & Professor, PSG College of Tech. Coimbatore and Mr.G.Ranjendran , Hon. Treasurer, IWS & Senior Deputy Manager, BHEL, Trichy.

Indian Welding Society Activities

Sno Date Activity Event Academic year
18.07.2023 Seminar Aircraft Structures and Aero Engines 2022-2023
21.01.2023 Seminar "One Day Seminar on “Advance Welding and its Applications”" 2022-2023
23.08.2022 Seminar Workplace safety and ergonomics 2022-2023
10.05.2022 Seminar Industry 4.0- The Digital Transformation 2022-2023
22.11.2021 Webinar Online webinar on “Advances in Welding Processes” 2021-2022
13.03.2020 Workshop Introduction to Robotic Arc Welding Process 2021-2022
13.03.2020 Workshop Classification of Welding Consumables 2021-2022
13.03.2020 Workshop Automation in Welding 2021-2022
13.03.2020 Workshop Welding of Carbon Steels 2021-2022
14.03.2020 Workshop Inspection in Welding and Non Destructive Testing Methods 2021-2022
14.03.2020 Workshop Hands on Training & Demonstration using NDT Instruments 2021-2022
14.03.2020 Workshop Friction Stir Processing Technology 2021-2022
27.02.2019 Seminar Advances in Welding Process 2021-2022
05.01.2018 Workshop Two Days Workshop on Advanced Welding and Non Destructive Testing Technique 2021-2022
05.01.2018 Workshop Weldability of Steels 2021-2022
05.01.2018 Workshop Gas Welding Process and its Advances 2021-2022
05.01.2018 Workshop Stainless Steel-Types and Welding 2021-2022
06.01.2018 Workshop Advanced joining Techniques 2021-2022
06.01.2018 Workshop NDT Training, Testing and Inspection 2021-2022
06.01.2018 Workshop Product Inspection using NDT 2021-2022
06.01.2018 Workshop Surface Modification using Friction Stir Processing 2021-2022